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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Gah Lag!@

Well, I haven't been posting for awhile. Its been busy the last few months. Microsoft has been pushing for an earlier release of Vista, and let me tell you, it totally sucks. Rush rush rush, hack hack hack, code code code.

So, I applied for a job at that little buisness over at one infinite loop about two months ago. I think they sell fruit or something. Seeing as I know Objective C well, I was wondering if I could get a job to hack on OSX, which is a far saner operating system

Didn't get the job. T3h suck.

So, my dish blew off my roof. I went without TV for a few days, and I decided to take this as an opertunity to switch to DISH Network from DirectTV. DirectTV sucks ass: overpriced, not a great selection of channels, and DISH Network looks like a much better deal. Not only that, but DISH has a slew of high definition channels, free Starz for the first 3 months, and I got $100 back just for switching to DISH.

So yeah, life seems pretty decent now, even though we're probably going to end up pushing Vista back another year or so. Vista will probably be released when my daughter graduates from college.
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