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Saturday, November 05, 2005

Tiger Woods 360 And Quake 4

Tiger Woods:
I've been waiting for the Xbox 360 release on the 22nd, and I've been seeing some games in advance; working for Microsoft is pretty much a 24/7 horror show. Tiger Woods 360 is one of the games I've seen so far, and let me tell you, it makes great use of shaders to make realistic looking grass. Oh, and get this...

You can hit people in the crowd with golf balls. Suddenly, this game looks a lot more promising than it did before. Where's Jack Thompson when you need him? Other than that little tidbit, its no different than any other golf game made in the last decade. Boring, accurate physics, and top of the line simulations of grass movement.

Quake 4:
Plays pretty much like it did on the PC, but with the lack of mouselook, it is very difficult to control, and anyone not used to playing FPS on a console will pretty much hate this game. In addition to this, the graphics look a bit worse than on my 6800GT SLI system, but that's nothing new, top of the line PC hardware always beats top of the line console hardware; the Xbox 360 is roughly as powerful as a high end system manufactured two or three years ago.

Only major problem I've seen with Quake 4 (and this is with a pre-release beta that has been floating around the office for about two weeks), is that you can crash the 360 doing various stuff; hopefully you won't see this in the shipping version, id Software usually isn't that sloppy.

That said, unless Bill comes down and personally gives me an Xbox 360, I'm not getting one opening day, and probably never will. However, the Revolution is looking pretty interesting..


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