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Thursday, November 17, 2005

NeXT Sucks

Sorry I haven't updated recently, I've been dead tired after work. A lot of people have been emailing me to update my progress on making a libFoundation for Vista, so I might as well.
  • So far, we're still using the ugly ugly NeXT theme, and I wish GNUstep would just get a new theme because I'm tired of looking at it. Seriously, the original Windows 95 look wasn't this fucking ugly; infact, nothing was this ugly until Windows XP came out with the Fisher Price theme. (lil Billy's First Computer?)
  • I fixed the bug we introduced with IC that it opened multiple window inspectors, an errant copy+paste caused it.
  • We've removed the false FSF copyright from all the source files and replaced it with a proper Microsoft one; I wish the FSF would quit trying to copyright files AND use a license that effectively puts them in the public domain.
  • We can compile ObjC via the Visual Studio UI now.
  • We use the native window decorations now, no more ugly NeXT-themed stuff
I'll take a screenshot later, the build of Vista I'm using BSODs everytime I try to take a screenshot.


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