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Sunday, November 06, 2005

CNet News: Microsoft rejects Visual Studio delay request

I use Visual Studio 2005 almost everyday (at least, when I'm not using the good ol' combination of GCC and Vim), and I can see why someone would want to ask for a delay so my fellow developers can squash all the bugs. Visual Studio is always buggy on release, and gets finished usually after the second or third service pack; but from what I've seen with 2005, you're lucky it will be nearly bug free after the fourth or fifth.

I'm not sure why Microsoft even bothers with Visual Studio, we should just scrap it and rewrite it from the ground up. We could use Intel's compiler or GCC, and then rebuild the IDE so that it actually works right, is intuitive, and isn't cluttered to hell and back. But, hey, this is what happens when you have 8 or 9 versions of a product with un-checked feature creep.

Update, Nov 7th 11:40 am: Microsoft has released the Express Edition of Visual Studio 2005.


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